Chameleon acts as your Independent Trading Desk; collaborating with leading Demand Side Platforms (DSP) to automatically place your advertisements based on the profile of your consumers. Programmatic ad buying is cost and time efficient as it utilizes algorithms and real time bidding to buy market segments (specific demographics or psychographics), eliminating the research and negotiation associated with traditional buying methods.

We retain understanding of your brand and apply this knowledge to future campaigns to achieve the best results.


We can buy the placement contextually (by topic), by keywords, or site specific. We can also buy the audience data behaviorally and demographically (age, gender, online behavior of your customers amongst many other attributes).

Real Time Bidding allows video, display, gaming, native, and social media inventory to be purchased through an auction that unfolds in the milliseconds before a webpage is delivered to a consumer.

Whether you are buying site specific or mass targeted audience our experts will help you reach your goals while saving money.