A precise virtual shape which is drawn around the perimeter of a building or specific location – as close as within 3 feet – whereby we can identify mobile users and devices when they enter those precise locations.

What do we learn about these mobile users?

  • App behavior based on their usage
  • Where they spend most of their day – at work or home (based on 6 hours or more)
  • Do you want to white or blacklist them from our targeting?
  • What they did prior to coming to the polygoned location, such as, which restaurant they had dinner at, which movie theater they visited, if they went to a competitor’s store…
  • Conversely – learn about competitor’s visitors and if they match the habits of yours, such as, if they live or work in the same area, or if they visit you and your competitor in the same day
  • Emergent target behaviour for 30 days after a campaign has ended
  • Many other questions can be asked and answered if you have some in mind!


How can this proprietary technology help your brand?

  • By the categorizing your target visitors into demographic categories by their behavior
  • By gaining historical data about the different types of people that have entered the polygons you’ve created, and the people who went to your competitors
  • By learning key information about your target, to determine the correct segment and audience for unique online reach

By collecting growing target behaviour data – which is collected by asking questions that can be answered by other polygons. For example; if you own a chain of hardware stores and you want to know if your customers also visit fast food service chains in the area – we determine this by creating polygons on various QSRs within proximity to your locations