Chameleon offers a wide array of services to help your business grow. From advertising through programmatic buying to new hypertargeting technologies like polygoning, we will deliver the best results. Whatever your online need may be, we can do the job!

Scroll our services below and see what we can do for your business!

Online Media Buying

Chameleon Digital Media can create custom media strategies or implement your predetermined plans by placing your ads through direct deals, the private market place or real time bidding.


Chameleon takes the confusion out of programmatic marketing campaigns using our skills of planning and execution to place your ads using accurate algorithms and ongoing optimization based on the affinities of targets defined by your brand.

Mobile Advertising

Growing to be one of the largest and most important segments of the ad spend; Chameleon plugs into the largest Mobile Exchanges reaching millions of users every second of the day while on the go.


Using advanced proprietary technology we can identify users based on their location history. Useful information such as whether they have visited your location or your competitors or any other location of interest as well knowing where they live, work and how they travel between these places.

Native Advertising

Increase your consumers engagement by fitting your ads to the style of the host page.

Search Engine Optimization

Most website visits begin with a search – improve your website visibility by optimizing its placement in organic results.

Search Engine Advertising

Promote your business by placing your ads on top of search results that match your keywords.

Connected TV

Smart TVs or Streaming Devices, such as Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast as well as gaming consoles like PlayStation and Xbox, can used to broadcast without the significant investment of traditional television.

White-Label Solutions

Why make a significant investment in agency tools and staff when we already have the infrastructure in place? Employees, partnerships and software can cost you time and money – all of which we have at your disposal.

Analytics & Reporting

In today’s day and age data is everything, you can measure, quantify, analyze and use it to develop your ongoing strategy for your next campaigns.

Creative Design

Stand out from the crowd, let us bring your ideas to life. From simple static design to animated graphics your idea and our design will be your brand’s masterpiece.

Social Media Management

Creating, updating and staying relevant in social media pages such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Google +, Instagram is integral to maintaining a connection with ones customers.

Social Media Advertising

Advertise your business on the social media platforms where people spend most of their online time, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat.

Website & Development

First impressions last a lifetime, make sure your website delivers the impression to keep your customer for a lifetime.

E-mail Marketing

E-mails are a powerful communication channel with your current and potential clients. Send news, promotions, and valuable information to all the people you want to reach!