What Is Chameleon

Chameleon is a Full Service Digital Agency – Online strategy, media buying, programmatic audience buying, mobile advertising, search engine optimization, connected TV, and native advertising are only some of the tactics we employ to get your company seen by the right target. Chameleon
Digital Media gives the same care and consideration to all its clients – big and small, wherever they may be in the world.



Digital Media

Online media strategy and buying, programmatic audience buying, mobile, native, search and more are only some of the tactics we employ to get your company seen by the right target. Chameleon Digital Media gives the same care and consideration to all its clients big and small anywhere they may be in the world.


Social Media

You already know the importance of Social Media, let us use these tools to help grow your business! Through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Google+ we can help you build a like-minded digital community through the creation of social media content designed specifically for your site


Creative Content

Display, animations, videos, a new website or social media content, you name it! Our creative experts are eager to work with you and help you shape your ideas, so the world can perceive your business the way you do!

Why Online Media?

Chameleon SIMPLIFIES your media buying process across all screens and
platforms, creating UNITY in planning and buying public and private
inventory while MEASURING and VERIFYING your message within those specific
audience groups, generating BRAND IMPACT for your company!

  • $4.6B Canadian Internet ad revenue in 2015, more than $800 million over last year.
  • 43% increase of Internet Advertising revenue over Television’s $3.2 billion in 2015
  • 26.7% increase of time Canadians spent on mobile per visit on retail sites over the past year.
  • 1.2B of internet users around the globe are on social media.
  • $10B was spent on Programmatic in 2014, and expected to double in 2016.
Chameleon in knowledge

Chameleon understands how to build and manage the right mix of strategies that an online campaign needs.

  • Online Media Buying
  • Programmatic
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Polygoning
  • Native Advertising
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Full Search Engine Advertising
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Social Media Advertising
We are the Digital Marketing Agency !

All you need to know is what you already do about your company and share those details with our experts and we will define a strategy together at any budget.

Chameleon Informative Videos

What sets us apart

Learn more about what we do that set us apart from other agencies.

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Finding your customer

With Chameleon Digital Media, you can find the right customer in the right time.

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Mobile targeting

Reach your clients where they are connected all the time, anywhere.

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Save time with experts

Your time is precious. Don’t waste it doing what you don’t like or are not sure how to do.

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Our Services

Online Media Buying Knowing that your campaigns are being correctly managed is extremely important. read more

Programmatic Chameleon takes the confusion out of programmatic marketing campaigns. read more

Mobile Advertising Growing to be one of the largest and most important segments of digital ad spend. read more

Polygoning Hyper-targeting that will make your campaign reach new levels. read more

Native Advertising Make your ad match the form and function of any given placement.
read more

Search Engine Optimization Make your website show up organically on search engine such as Google and Bing. read more

Search Engine Advertising Businesses using search ads get a 63% increase in brand awareness to their target. read more

Connected TV Target people using their TV to watch videos online through a smart TV or streaming device. read more

White-Label Solutions Increase your range of services by outsourcing digital media services to us. read more

Analytics & Reporting Simple or complex reports and analytics for any campaign that we run. read more

Creative Design Our creative specialists will make your products and services look great! read more

Social Media Management Let us manage your social media page and get you new fans and clients! read more

Social Media Advertising Show your ads in social medias where billions of people are. read more

Website & Development We can redesign or create a new website from the ground up for you! read more

E-mail Marketing Keep your clients updated about your company using newsletters! read more

Our Testimonials

It has been such a pleasure working with Chameleon over the last year. Alan has a unique understanding of online marketing and how the end user thinks. Combining that understanding with the ability to dig down to our key messages has allowed Meagan’s Walk to see a significant jump in website engagement. We are extremely grateful to be able to outsource this integral part of our organization to the experts at Chameleon and look forward to continued success! Sue Mckechnie Operations Manager, Meagan’s Walk

The business life cycle continues to evolve at a rapid pace with continued growth in the area of digital and technology. At CB4 Consulting we required a turnkey solution that could address the functionality of our web site and digital marketing plan. We chose Chameleon Digital as our partner. From conception to completion, Chameleon Digital provided the tools and expertise required to refresh our web site, allowing it to become more robust and user friendly. In addition, the team at Chameleon Digital developed a search strategy that has already proven effective. In just under a few months, we have had multiple hits to our site to include calls into our office to enquire more information about our services. We are pleased that we have chosen Chameleon Digital as our digital marketing partner and know that our digital efforts, managed by the team at Chameleon will ensure continued business success. Bob Swain CB4 Consulting